Mar 02 2008

High resolution Youtube video

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Ever felt like youtube video quality is a little too low? Ever wonder how videos about a monorail (no, I’m not talking about the Springfield one) or a beautiful Umbrian panorama would look like? There a way to boost the quality of Youtube videos,. at the cost of an higher download time (which wouldn’t be an issue with today high speed connections). You just need to add &fmt=6 to the end of the url, such as:



This only works if the video has an high definition version, but you can add fmt=18 to automatically use the low def video if no HD in available.

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4 Responses to “High resolution Youtube video”

  1. Julius says:

    Actually, that’s incorrect. The fmt=18 version is supposed to be of higher quality than the fmt=6 version. See also here:

  2. paomic says:

    Are you sure? Those are the specifications:

    fmt 18 / MP4 fmt 6 / HQ FLV
    Screen Res. 480 x 270 480 x 360
    Bitrate ≅ 512 kbps ≅ 900 kbps
    Audio 44.1KHz 128 kbps Stereo 44.1KHz 96 kbps Mono CBR
    Frame Rate 24 30
    Video Codec h.264 Flash Sorenson
    Audio Codec AAC Mp3

  3. Software utilities » Clarifications on high resolution Youtube video says:

    […] specifications of Youtube high-res fmt url […]

  4. Julius says:

    Yes I’m sure:

    A bit encoded as H.264 is not the same as a bit encoded as FLV, quality-wise. It’s about 3 times better at the same rate. Plus, the H.264 videos have stereo audio, the fmt=6 versions don’t.

    On H.264:
    Backers claim improved compression means a dramatic improvement in compression over the older H.263 standard at no loss of video quality – a viewer of an H.264 video at 384K bit/sec should see the same sort of picture as somebody viewing a video at 768K bit/sec sent via H.263.

    In the above example, the H.263 video is 571 kbit/s and the H.264 video is 440 kbit/s. In theory this means the H.264 version should even be the equivalent of ~880 Kbit/s videoquality of H.263..

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