Apr 22 2008

Ecocho needs you

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I publish an email received from Ecocho, visit this post and spread the word!

Hi guys!

Most of you have expressed great enthusiasm for the Ecocho project and have asked if you can help – well, today Ecocho needs your help!!

Google chose today – Earth Day, of all days – to pull their feed from Ecocho. They claim that Ecocho has broken the adsense rules, but Ecocho has never directed users to click on ads (as Google suggests) and Ecocho has not only always respected the adsense rules but also believes strongly in them for Ecocho to succeed. We need genuine Ecocho users to make the project work!

If you love Ecocho and enjoy searching using Google on Ecocho, please go either here:
or here:
and post a comment in support of Ecocho!

Please email Google from the email address on those pages (there are petition letters on the page also) to voice your concerns. Please tell your family and friends also if you think they would care about the Ecocho cause.

We really hope that the Google people change their minds and come round to the idea that Ecocho can be good for everyone. We have been as transparent and as above board as we could be with our actions (enlisting KPMG to audit us and buying only government-issued credits) so we hope this will shine through.

If you love Ecocho, we’d love to hear from you!! Thank you!!
We hope you can help!

Alex and all the team @ Ecocho

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